Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen: Beautiful!

Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen Garden Arbour

As a former local and frequent visitor to the Yarra Valley region, I had heard a lot of good things about The Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen. So, on my recent visit to the area I decided to drop by the gardens and take a look around for myself. And I wasn’t disappointed! Especially as it was autumn and the changing colours of the season where evident.

Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen

The Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen are perfectly situated in the heart of Victoria’s picturesque Yarra Valley, Australia’s premier wine region.

The Gardens are opened seven days a week from 10am to 5pm, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the month of July. Entry is affordably priced at just $10 for adults ($8 concession) and children under the age of 16 are free. For locals there is also an annual pass available for around $40.

Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen Garden Parterre

Parterre Garden

The Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen has been designed along strong symmetrical lines that become softened by the elegance of the surrounding trees and foliage. The gardens comprise of seven distinct areas. All areas lead from a wisteria and 100 metre rose covered arbour, which features a sunken rose garden with a classical fountain centre piece.

As I visited the garden during autumn (March to May), the wisteria and roses where not in full bloom. Although it was lovely to see the gardens in autumn with all the colours beginning to change, the best time to see the magnificence of the Arbour is in October. The gardener informed me that the bloom of the wisteria only lasts for a few short weeks.

During October the Alowyn Gardens release daily information via their website blog posts about the wisteria’s bloom status. Hopefully I can make it back in October to see the wisteria walk and rose gardens in full bloom. I am sure it would look amazing!

The total garden space takes up approximately 7 acres. I would recommend you allow at least an hour or so to wander around the garden. There are seats strategically positioned around the garden where you can rest and enjoy the vista.

The seven areas of the Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen are:

The perennial border

Here you’ll find a collection of plants, many herbaceous, selected for their ability to survive the Yarra Valley region’s hot summers and cold winters with minimum care. This garden displays brilliant colour from early spring to autumn.

The forest garden

The forest garden comprises of a European silver birch forest followed by an Australian Casuarina forest, complete with a miner’s hut that houses early Australian artifacts.

The edible garden

This garden has avenues of fruit trees, olives, limes, quinces and crab apples. It also has a collection of vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and edible flowers. The central feature of this garden is the weeping elm.

The native garden

This garden is based on Australian forest planting. It has a viewing platform that over-looks the dam and wetlands, which both play an important part in the recycling of runoff water from the garden’s nursery.

The display gardens

The display gardens comprises of courtyards and small gardens with a collection of plants and display features such as pergolas. This garden has been designed to display what can be achieved in a small space by connecting a number of design features.

The French inspired garden

The French inspired garden is the latest garden built at Alowyn Gardens and is the largest. Here there are four rectangle areas surrounded by shady avenues of Chinese Elm, Crab Apple and Canadian Maple. In the garden’s centre there is a water feature, which has an interesting sculpture made from 400 horse shoes. This garden is still being developed and will only improve in the years to come.

The parterre garden

The parterre garden is based on early French design principles that uses a collection of formal hedges to create interesting and elegant patterns.

Maple Courtyard

Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen Garden Courtyard

Maple Courtyard

The Alowyn Garden Café is known as the Maple Courtyard. The Courtyard’s tranquil sitting area has been designed with comfort, shade and relaxation in mind. To me, it is  as much a feature as the garden itself.

The Alowyn Garden Café has tea, coffee and cakes available for purchase and can cater for up to 100 visitors. The courtyard also features a Giant Chessboard!

The rest rooms are also located in this area.

Garden Nursery

Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen Garden Nursery

Garden Nursery

The Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen also has a garden nursery comprising of an exciting range of interesting plants to entice every kind of gardener. Here you’ll find roses, succulents, perennials, herbs, trees, shrubs and native plants, just to name a few.

Meandering through all the areas of the Alowyn Gardens Yarra Glen is a visual and sensory delight, and I can see why it was named ABC Garden of the Year in 2008 and won a Victorian Tourism Award in 2013!

Getting there

Located at 1210 Melba Highway, Yarra Glen, the Alowyn Gardens are a must for anyone who can appreciate and enjoy the spectacular beauty of a well-established and cared for garden!



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Now, it’s over to you! If you have any additional information, feel free to leave a comment below.

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