About Embrace the Wanderlust

About Embrace the Wanderlust

About Embrace the Wanderlust …

My name is Patricia McGowan. I was born in Australia and grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, just on the fringe of the picturesque Yarra Valley – a region I adore!

After college, I moved to London for work and to satisfy my desire to travel the world and experience other cultures.

During the four years I lived in London, I travelled extensively throughout Western and Eastern Europe, America and Asia. So far I have travelled to over twenty countries.

After returning to Australia I relocated to the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland, where the sunny weather is more conducive to the outdoors lifestyle that I enjoy. I regularly spend time in Melbourne catching up with family and friends, and I travel abroad every chance I get.

Live wide is my motto! I hope you’ll make it yours!

Where I’ve been so far….

About this website…

I created this website in October 2015 as a fun way to document and share my adventures as I pursue my unrelenting passion for travel and photography. I hope that along the way my experiences will inspire others to take flight and ‘embrace the wanderlust.

Through my blog posts, I aim to provide tips and information about destinations and all things travel. I will also review tour operators, brands and emerging trends, to help you plan for and experience the trip of a lifetime. Isn’t that what we all want!