Travel Insurance


Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and if they happen when you’re overseas the cost of medical treatment can be incredibly expensive and financially crippling.

Travellers who are not covered by insurance are personally liable for covering the medical and associated costs they incur overseas. And in some countries hospital admission for medical treatment can be difficult unless you can provide evidence that you have travel insurance or are able to guarantee payment.

That’s why as soon as I book an overseas holiday, I immediately take out a travel insurance policy. It’s the smart thing to do, and I won’t leave home without one. No exception!

In my view, an insurance policy is just an insurance policy until you actually need to make a claim. That’s when you are truly in a position to judge the value of the insurer’s policy and services, and from my experience I can’t fault Cover-More.

A few years ago, I took out a policy with Cover-More Travel Insurance after booking a five week holiday to the UK and Italy. The trip included prepaid hotel bookings, tours and some transportation costs. A few weeks prior to departure a medical emergency dictated that I would need to cancel my European holiday. Consequently, I had to claim on my travel insurance with Cover-More to recover the associated cancellation costs. Cover-More made the whole process very simple, the staff I dealt with were very empathetic, and my claim was promptly paid.

In additional to their excellent claim process, their travel insurance policy is easy to purchase, always competitively priced with comparable cover to other insurers, and for these reasons I am happy to continue using Cover-More as my preferred travel insurer.

Travel insurance – level of cover

For more information about how to determine the level of cover you need when taking out a travel insurance policy read our article Travel Insurance: why you need it.